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organic Asian pear


1.Our History
Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter called Qifeng Fruit) was established in 2010 with registered capital RMB 3,000,0000 Yuan and total assets around RMB 80,000,000 Yuan, mainly engaging in KIWI planting, purchase, storage, packing, marketing, introduction and promotion of new variety and technology, skill training, communication and consultancy, ecological agricultural sightseeing and comprehensive service. In Nov. 2008, Qifeng Fruit initiated to set up Mei County Qifeng Selenium Rich Kiwi Fruit Professional Cooperative with 351 members and registration capital RMB 6,463,500 Yuan, awarded as 100 Provincial Strong Demonstration Cooperatives by Provincial Cooperative in 2010, Key Provincial Leading Agriculture Industrialized Management Enterprise by People's Government of Shaanxi Province and National Cooperative Model by Ministry of Agriculture of China in 2012, and AAA Class Quality&Service Enterprise Provincial Government and Best Sales Product by National Famous Fruit Trade Fair.
In 2016, Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry Co.,Ltd awarded as A Key National Leading Agricultural Industrialized Management Enterprise by the government of China, winning Chinese Ten Big Brand of 2016, Chinese ten big Fruit professional cooperative of 2016, Mei County Qifeng Selenium Rich Kiwi Fruit Professional Cooperative awarded as National Cooperative Model. Obtain the honor of Shaanxi Electronic Commerce Demonstration Enterprises ,Shaanxi Famous-brand Products Qualification
2. Our Factory/
Qifeng Fruit have Organic Kiwi Planting Base as large as over 500 Acres, invited Professor Zhang Youping from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to regularly instruct Selenium Rich Kiwi Planting, Qifeng built 126 Controlled Atmosphere Fresh Keeping Storages with capacity of 20,000 Tons, owning more than 7,000 M2 standard exportation packaging workshop. In 2013, Qifeng Fruit brought in a French Mav Full Automatic Kiwi Sorting Production Line with daily capacity of 300 Tons and yearly throughput of more than 20,000 Tons with sales over RMB 200,000,000,000 Yuan. Qifeng Fruit presently own two Kiwi Trademarks: QIFENG YUAN and QIFENG KIWI, serve in Beijing Xinfadi Fruit wholesale market, Zhejiang Fruit wholesale Market, Shanghai Pudong Fruit Wholesale Market, Shanghai Nongwu Lu Fruit Wholesale Market and Nanjing Fruit wholesale Market with fresh keeping storage, meanwhile, We set 8 direct Qifeng Fruit Experience Store in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Mei County, selling by one card system.
3.Our Product
Products includes the following:
1.Qifeng Xuxiang,Green kiwifruit (September to April , Shaanxi Province)
Green flesh, juicy, sour and sweet flavor, full-bodied fragrance.
2.Qifeng Cuixiang,Green kiwifruit (September to December, Shaanxi province)
Green flesh, sweet taste, full-bodied fragrance
3.Qifeng Hyward,Green kiwifruit (September to May, Shaanxi Province)
Green flesh, small fruit core, sour and sweet flavor, full-bodied fragrance
4. Qifeng red kiwi fruit,Hong Yang (August to December, Sichuan/shaanxi Province)
fine texture,juicy, high quality, palatable.
5.Qifeng Jinyan kiwi fruit,Golden kiwifruit (September to December Sichuan Province)
fine texture, juicy, nutritious.
6.Qifeng Golden kiwi fruit, (September to December Sichuan Province)
translucent flesh, sweet flavor, high content of Vitamin C
7.Lemon(the whole year Sichuan Province)
sour and sweet, full-bodied fragrance
8.Dekopon(February-March, Sichuan Province)
unique flavor, Nutritious
9.Luochuan apple(October-May, Shaanxi Province)
Bright color, smooth fruit surface, fine texture, juicy, crisp and sweet taste.
10.Aksu apple(October- April Xinjiang Province)
light yellow flesh, full-bodied fragrance, transparent core,
11.Korla pear(the whole year, Xinjiang Province)
succulent flesh, sweet and juicy, less stone cell.
12.Aksu leatheroid walnut(the whole year, Xinjiang Provicne)
thin pericarp, crackly,nutritious
13.Hetian Date
big size, thin pericarp, little core, thick flesh.
We supply fresh kiwifruit products and orther ShaanXi specialty all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. organic Asian pear

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