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8 Inch Casting Globe Valve factory

Ø  CV Subsidiary (I)
Datong Reciprocity Valve Co., Ltd. is a branch of Datong Reciprocity Group Co., Ltd. (also named Chase Valve-CV) taking charge of mainland market and specializing in manufacturing, assembling, machining, and designing of various industrial valves.Datong Reciprocity Group has been moved from Shanxi province to the West Coast Economic Zone Fujian province, with a registered capital of USD 19,332,000.00, total investment USD 85,785,750.00, CV covers an area of 127,000.00 m2, plant area 82,000.00 m2, building area 6,000.00 m2.
As a booming market leader of valve manufacturer, CV emphasizes on technical innovation and product R&D, integrating research、casting、machining、assembling and sales, positioning itself as a trustworthy supplier of a wide range of industrial valve solutions.
Ø  CV Expert
It is our hour to invite Italian Mr. M. Zappettini as our engineering manager whom has extensive experience on the high-tech ball valve design more than 12 years. And our technical and QC team is also set up by experienced talents from Canada, Taiwan(China) and China mainland.
The above strengths make us able to offer our clients superior service and strict QC system as well as fine-quality product
Ø  CV Product Range
CV'products contain subsea ball valves, globe valves, swing check valves, metal seated gate valves, high performance metal seated butterfly valves and control valves and other kinds of special valves with diameter range (NPS 1/2 inch ~ 60 inches), pressure scope (150LB ~ 2500LB) and the temperature range (-196 deg. C ~ 750 deg. C), which are widely applied in petrochemical, metallurgical, coal, electricity, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, paper making, urban construction, cement industry, etc. Adopting materials from the conventional carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel to other special alloy, such as Inconel, Monel and duplex steel etc. 8 Inch Casting Globe Valve factory

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