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Steel Structure Buildings price

Prefabricated Steel Structure Construction Metal Warehouse Buildings For Sale
Product Description:
Steel warehouse buildings can be industrial, agricultural or commercial building for storage or production of goods, often have cranes and forklifts for moving goods around the structures.

It requires easily transported, fast assembled without skilled labor, and without affecting the quality and durability. The design allows for strength and sturdiness, protection against earthquakes and wind, and is relatively cheaper when compared to other material building. Industrial prefabricated warehouse building widely applied to warehouse, factory, workshop, storage, garage, hangar, etc., also you can add the partition wall or first floor( second floor) according to multi-purpose.

Metal warehouse adopts Q345B welded H type steel, Q235B steel square tube, Q235B C type steel and Q235B Z type steel to combine or build framework. Roof and wall are color compressing corrugated steel sheet or color steel sandwich panel.Q345B is one of low carbon alloy steel. Welded H section Q345B steel with high strength, stronger buckling resistance performance, can save 10%-15% material, 30%-40% weight of structure in buildings and 15%-20% weight of structure in bridge than hot-rolled H steel. Compare to hot-rolled H steel, welded H section steel have high-accuracy size performance, can be customized. The specification is more flexible and wide choose to meet client's demand.
NumberComponents name Material
1Column and Beam Welded Q345 H section steel, square tube (painted or galvanized)
2Roof&Wall Sandwich panel with EPS, rock wool, fiber glass or PU. Colorful corrugated steel sheet
3Purlin C or Z section steel, size from C80-C280, Z100-Z280, galvanized
4Brace Round steel, steel pipe, angle steel, ect. (painted or galvanized
5Door&windowSandwich panel door or roller door. PVC or aluminum alloy windows
6Edge Cover Color steel sheet
7Gutter Color steel sheet or galvanized steel plate
8Down pipe PVC pipe
9Accessories Anchor bolt, high strength bolts, ordinary bolts, self-tapping screw, glass adhesive, fans, skylight panel, etc.
There are 3 options of installation as following:
1. Clients install the building according to our detailed drawings and video.
2. Our engineer go to help on construction site.
3. We provide an installation team to help on construction site.Steel Structure Buildings price

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