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3D Wood Wall Panels manufacturers


3D Solid Wood Wall Paneling
How to make a warm home? Yes, real wood is always a good choice. The nature and warm feel make it so different from other wall decorations. 3D Solid Wood Wall Paneling is made by nature acacia wood and allows people to diy their unique feature wall.

It is a great idea to make a pre-fabricated 3D Solid Wood Wall Paneling by wood blocks and slats, which makes it really convenient to finish a wood feature wall in minutes. DIY friendly.

Single Panel Look

In our factory, thanks to all the efforts of technicians, workers, and customers, we work from every aspects to insure a good quality panel: environmental friendly, fast installation, strong glue, strong packaging for transportation, and carry our mass production sucessfully.

The following are the descriptions of the panels:

Unique merits for 3D Solid Wood Wall Paneling
●Real Wood Panel, Perfect Surface Touch and Cheap Price

●Convenient Accomplishment

●True FSC certificate, great wood work
●CARB, F4 stars, VOC certification could be provided
●Outstanding skill, accurate manufacturing, great quality
Special Thermal Modification Treatment is provided to make Wall Panel 80% more stable.

●Also could supply custom-tailor and outdoor products

Package & Shipment
Standard White Carton or Brown Carton Packing with carton label
Pallet Packing:

Loading in Container:

Do you have installation Video?
The video is available and glad to send to you.

How Can these be removed if needed?
It uses a construction glue to install that is not designed to easily come off. If removed you would most likely need to repair the drywall it was applied to.

What is HS code for 3D wood wall panel?
It is 44189900903D Wood Wall Panels manufacturers

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